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Sloths Draw

It's hard to practice when all you want to do is to hang upside down on a tree.

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Created on 2009-04-19 06:31:10 (#96504), last updated 2012-01-04 (302 weeks ago)

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Name:Sloths Draw
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Community description:Framework and group support for regular drawing practice.
This community was originally on IJ as a place for regular drawing practice, especially for people who have trouble sticking with their resolutions to draw more often, and was intended to provide the framework and support of a group to help with that. It never really took off -- I guess not that surprising, considering the target group *g* -- but some of the exercises posted by me might still be interesting for others. So I thought I'd repost them here for a more permanent home. (IJ has a policy to delete inactive accounts, and though I reactivated the community there last time this happened, it's less than ideal, especially for sloths. But if you'd like to see past reponses you need to head over there.)

And who knows, maybe interest will revive in a new place?

Sloths Draw
It's hard to practice when all you want to do is to hang upside down on a tree.

[community profile] slothsdraw is a community for people who want to practice drawing more regularly, and would like the framework and support of a group to help them stick with their resolution.

There will be regular posts with prompts and suggestions for drawing exercises made by the admin. Members can then pick and choose one or more of those to draw, and post their results (or don't do anything, it's not homework after all). There is no formal commitment to draw anything in reponse to the prompts since this community is not supposed to be stressful, but it is intended as a place for artists not lurkers, so don't join if you don't intend to ever draw anything.

Any member can suggest such prompts and exercises for the admin posts and thus help out with ideas for practicing.

Other posts that relate to broad goal of drawing practice in some way are also allowed, in particular:
  • posts with ideas for drawing practice or exercises
  • posts with links to online drawing resources and tutorials
  • posts with practice drawings by members, even if they are not related to posted exercises/prompts
If you post exercises or helpful drawing tips and the like that you got from books or other sources, please remember to attribute these. That way other members can find the original resources if they like the material, and proper credit is given where it's due.

Membership is moderated, but anyone whose journal doesn't look like a troll's (e.g. newly created, empty journals that aren't obviously secondary or backup journals to another established one, like it would be the case if someone's main journalling account was elsewhere) is welcome to join.

Both original and fan art are welcome. There are no restrictions in this community on posting adult content, but members should indicate whether a drawing is only appropriate for an adult audience. Specific warnings are not required, but optional if an artist wishes to clarify why they consider the content to be mature, for example.

All art posted to the community must be placed behind a cut or just linked. Previews outside of cuts are only allowed if they are small, i.e. more or less thumbnail sized. Also, any preview images chosen should be suitable for general audiences ("worksafe").

Members can decide whether they prefer to f-lock their posts, or to make their art public depending on their own comfort level. It's also up to the individual poster whether they want to invite concrit and discussion of their art to learn from each other (obviously how successful asking for concrit will be depends on how active the community turns out to be), or rather let their drawings stand as they are.

Rules in short:
  • only join if you intend to participate at least sometimes
  • put all art you post behind a cut tag
  • label adult content, and keep any preview images small and worksafe
  • f-locking art is optional, and up to the poster
  • inviting discussion/concrit is also optional, so artists should indicate whether they want that kind of feedback in their post
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